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                      Aluminum Disc for Cookware

                      Aluminum Disc for Cookware

                      Aluminum Disc for Cookware Description

                      Aluminum disc is mainly used in making cookware, like non-stick pan, pressure cooker, hardware and pressure cooker and so on. Aluminum circle disc is the most widely used deep drawing products, High tensile strength, good ductility, Anodized quality and deep drawing quality which is suitable for cookware as well.

                      Aluminum Disc for Cookware Specifications

                      1.Alloy: 1100, 1050, 1060, 1070, 3003
                      2. Temper: O, H12, H14  
                      3. Thickness: 0.5mm ~ 5mm
                      4. Diameter: >70 mm

                      Aluminum Disc for Cookware Features

                      1. Excellent elongation and tensile strength;

                      2. Processing performance is good, stamping, stretch forming high performance;

                      3. Gas welding, hydrogen welding, resistance welding and brazing;

                      4. High plasticity, conductivity and thermal conductivity;

                      5. Easy to take all kinds of pressure processing and extension, bending;

                      Aluminum Disc for Cookware production process

                      In production,we must handle every link,every detail,and every work properly to ensure a high level of product quality.Therefore,Shengzhou creater s complete set of process,from aluminum smelting,to casting,cutting,heating and other linkes to track,control and guide the to do high-quality goods.

                      Aluminum Disc for Cookware

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