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                      Aluminum Foil for Food Box

                      Aluminum Foil for Food Box


                      The aluminum foil has outstanding barrier properties, and basically can completely block gas and moisture under the premise that the thickness of the aluminum foil is sufficient. Therefore, in the plastic flexible packaging material, the aluminum foil is used as a commonly used barrier material, and the aluminum foil has a series of advantages such as light weight, airtightness, and good covering property. Mainly sanitary, beautiful, and can also be insulated to a certain extent.

                      Aluminum foil for food box is a kind of tableware which is widely used. In China, it is often called a tin meal box. In fact, it's made of 3 or 8 series aluminum ingots as raw materials,which are cold-rolled or hot-rolled into a uniform thickness, smooth surface, no pinhole, no dust particles, odor-free aluminum foil parent roll,which after special equipment and die one-time automatic cold stamping forming production process.

                      Aluminum Foil for Food Box

                      Aluminum foil for food box products are light weight, products in line with the national food hygiene standards. And recycling is convenient, no harmful substances are generated during the treatment process, and no pollution of renewable resources.

                      Aluminum foil for food box is usually made of 8011 aluminum alloy or 3003 aluminum alloy. The thickness of aluminum foil for household foil and food box produced by Gongyi Shengzhou is generally between 0.01mm-0.20mm, and the width range is generally between 100-1000mm. The alloy generally has 8011 aluminum foil and 3003 aluminum foil two kinds. Most of the aluminum foil produced by Gongyi Shengzhou Metal Products Co.,Ltd. is mainly 8011 aluminum foil. Welcome friends who are interested in the letter to consult.

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