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                      Household Aluminum Foil

                      Household Aluminum Foil


                      Household aluminum foil products are made ??from high-quality non-toxic materials. Household aluminum foil is absolutely free of any toxic elements and has passed the U.S. FDA inspection.With high safety performance and good preservation effect, household aluminium foil is suitable for cooking, freezing, wrapping, baking and so on. Due to the different length, width and thickness of household aluminum foil, Gongyi Shengzhou Metal Products Co.,Ltd.  can produce various household aluminium foil with different specifications to meet the needs of consumers.


                      Alloy Designation
                      0.0065-0.2 15-1800 O/H12/H14/H24/H16/
                      3003/3A21/3105 0.012-0.2 15-1800 O/H14/H24/H16/
                      5052/5083 0.012-0.2 15-1800 O/H14/H24/H16/
                      8011/8011A 0.0065-0.2 15-1800 O/H22/H14/H24/H16/
                      Inner Diameter(mm) 75/150/200/220/300/405


                      1. Household aluminum foil is a kind of tasteless and non-toxic packing material which can be used in food.
                      2. Any bacteria or microorganisms cannot grow on the surface of household aluminum foil.
                      3. The packaged food will not dry or shrink by its non-volatile feature.
                      4. The grease penetration will never happen on household aluminum foil whether in high or low temperatures.
                      5. As an opaque packaging material, the sun ray irradiation products such as margarine can be packaged well by household aluminum foil.
                      6. Household aluminum foil has good plasticity, it can be used to packaging products in various shape and also can be used to create different container shapes.
                      7. Household aluminum foil has good hardness and strong tension strength, but it is easy to tear because of the small tear strength.
                      8. Household aluminum foil can be only applied heat and seal by the heat materials such as PE on its surface.
                      9. The adverse reactions may caused by meeting with the other heavy metals.

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