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                      Cable Armored Aluminum Strip

                      Cable Armored Aluminum Strip

                      Armored aluminium strip grade: 5052 aluminum alloy;

                      Uses: Aluminum strip for armored cable,used for optical cable and cable armor.

                      Thickness: 0.5 mm,0.6 mm,0.65 mm,0.75 mm,0.8 mm.(Thickness tolerance ±0.03mm);

                      Width: 9.5 mm, 12.7 mm, 19 mm, 25.4 mm. (Width tolerance ±0.08);

                      Tensile strength: A 276-303 B 255-270;

                      Elongation: ≥conductivity is not less than 30% IACS (20℃)

                      Chemical Composition of  Cable Armored Aluminum Strip


                      5052 Aluminum strip
                      Chemical composition% Al margin
                      Si 0.40
                      Cu 0.10
                      Mg 2.6~3.6
                      Zn 0.2
                      Mn 0.50
                      Ti 0.15
                      Cr 0.30

                      The armored aluminum strip is mainly used in the armor layer of the aluminum alloy armored cable, and the armor layer is divided into a metal strip layer and a metal wire layer. The armoured aluminum strip is armoured metal strip. The armoured aluminum strip armoured the cable and optical cable through the armoured machine, thus making the armoured cable, armoured optical cable and so on. Steel strips and aluminum strip armor are commonly used in metal layers. The armored power cable is a power cable that is equipped with a metal protective layer on the outer layer of the cable to prevent mechanical damage to the cable. The Shengzhou aluminum strip of armored cable mainly adopts 5 series aluminum strip, and the commonly used grade is 5052 aluminum strip for armoured cable.

                      The role of armored aluminum strip in the position of sheathed cable is as follows:

                      1. Because the armored cable is generally laid on the ground or the ground surface, after the armor layer is installed, it can prevent external mechanical damage during installation and operation, and also has the functions of shielding and grounding;

                      2. The armor layer can protect the entire power cable structure and prevent various pests such as termites and mice;

                      3. The armor layer of the armored cable has strong tensile strength and can also play a mechanical protection role;

                      4. The armor layer of the armored cable can protect the core inside, preventing the insulation from being damaged due to external force and affecting the normal use of the cable.

                      The advantage of Armored Aluminum Strip

                      The armored cable aluminum belt effectively carries the external pressure, protects the cable, the inner lining of the cable and the internal structure, so that the cable reduces electrical corrosion and insect corrosion, and prolongs the service life of the cable and the optical cable. It plays a vital role in power, communication stability and security. More and more large-scale minerals, underground, submarine deep-buried using armored cable, and armored aluminum strip is widely used in the armor layer.

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