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                      Round Edge Transformer Aluminum Strip

                      Round Edge Transformer Aluminum Strip

                      Parameters of Round Edge Transformer Aluminum Strip

                      Material: pure aluminum 1060;

                      Temper:O ;

                      Origin: Gongyi,Henan;

                      Executive standard: YS/T 713-2009;

                      Thickness: 0.3mm-3.0mm;
                      Width: according to customer requirements.

                      Uses: Mainly used in electric power, communication industry, minerals, underground, deep seabed and other fields.
                      Description: Smooth surface, no scratches, no burrs, better than national standards. The electrical resistivity (conductivity) meets the national standards and industrial standards for transformers.

                      Packing: wooden pallet, wooden plywood and box packaging, product inner diameter 150mm, 300mm, 500mm.
                      Raw materials: It is made of high-quality raw materials with an aluminum content of over 99.6%. It has unparalleled electrical conductivity of other series of aluminum strips.

                      Advantages of Round Edge Transformer Aluminum Strip

                      Based on the strong technology and market advantages of the domestic dry-type transformer raw materials industry, Shengzhou Aluminum Industry strictly controls the process of casting, rolling, heat treatment and finished shearing from the aluminum strip casting process, and controls the alloy composition to optimize the rolling. And the annealing process enables the product to achieve high electrical conductivity and mechanical properties. Shengzhou transformer aluminum strip strictly controls the quality of the base metal, resolutely eliminates the secondary material, substitute material and modified rolling material, thus stabilizing the performance of the transformer aluminum strip at the initial stage of production and ensuring the stability of the user.

                      In order to improve the precision and quality of aluminum strip of transformer, we have updated the advanced equipment of longitudinal shearing and cutting to ensure the elimination of burr, ruffle and other quality problems in the production process of aluminum strip for transformer. Edge precision can also achieve 100% burr-free precision.
                      Shengzhou took the lead in introducing transformer aluminum tape products in the market that are superior to the national standard resistivity. After many years of market running-in and close cooperation tests by downstream manufacturers, the quality of transformer aluminum tape products has been further optimized in China. The products are exported to the United States, Thailand, Latin America, Russia and other countries, and are well received by customers.

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