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                      Wide Application of Aluminum Foil

                      Aluminum Foil

                      Aluminum foil paper is a composite material processed by aluminum foil and has a wide range of uses. Such as aviation food packaging, cigarette packaging, etc., depending on the application, can be divided into more than 20 categories. China's packaging aluminum foil paper accounts for one-third of the total domestic demand, and there is still a big gap with more than 10% of developed countries. With the improvement of technology and progress and national consumption, the market for aluminum foil packaging materials is very broad.

                      Aluminum foil paper is a special paper category and is divided into several different types depending on the surface. Such as laminated aluminum foil paper, bright silver aluminum foil paper, acrylic silver foil paper, gold foil aluminum foil paper, and the like. For example, in cigarette paper materials, in order to enhance the brand and demand, cigarette companies will use aluminum foil paper for interior packaging, aluminum foil materials, and exquisite graphic printing, so that aluminum foil paper packaging has entered a direction of refined development.

                      China's aluminum foil production began in 1932 and accelerated afterwards. Since the beginning of this century, the aluminum foil industry has rapidly increased under the strong market demand. At present, hundreds of large and small aluminum foil manufacturers in China have actively promoted the development of China's aluminum foil industry. For example, many aluminum foil manufacturers in Henan have maintained long-term friendly cooperation with many large aluminum foil companies at home and abroad.